Have you been denied Unemployment Insurance ("UI") benefits by the Department of Labor ("DOL")Or has your ex-employer contested your receiving UI benefits? Many people facing this type of situation aren't aware of how the Hearing process works. Well here at NYCE DA, we will present your case to the Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board ("UIAB") and fight to get the DOL's initial decision overruled. 

fair representation in ADMINISTRATIVE HEARINGS

is WHAT every new york CITY EMPLOYEE WANTS.

Are you scheduled for a pre-trial conference or a hearing at the City's Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings ("OATH")? Then you should consider calling our company. We offer free consultation on your documented case, and provide representation at your pre-trial conference or hearing. Give us a call: 347-286-8142. Let us put your case through critical analysis and counsel you in a focused strategy.

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We formed our Company driven by a passion to provide fair representation to New York City Employees that are facing the Hearing process in the City's Administrative Tribunals. Over time, what we found is that many public sector employees

loose their cases simply because of what they don't know; and, because they are unsure of how to assert their rights in an adjudicatory hearing or navigate through the process effectively.

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